Community Stories

Christmas greeting

December 22, 2020

A Christmas greeting from The City of Red Deer

It’s snowy white parks

And bright sparkling lights

It’s decorated trees

And frosty, magical nights


It’s dedicated time

With those closest to you

Full of all types of traditions

Both the old and the new


It’s treats for dinner

Christmas movies on repeat

And perhaps just a little

Extra time off your feet


It’s the glimmer of the ornaments

As they sparkle on your tree

And the joy across little faces

As they chat about Santa with glee


It’s the magical nature

Surrounding this season

That can’t be taken away

If you make gratitude your reason


It’s walking your neighbourhood

And seeing Christmas cheer

Represented outside the homes

Of the friends you hold dear


It’s random acts of kindness

And wishing strangers well

It’s showing others that you care

And singing about a Jingle Bell


It’s belting out Christmas carols

And piles of Christmas baking

It’s all the little things

That are the magic in the making


It’s Christmas cards strung across your home

Telling of something more

One day, we know, we’ll get back there

To a Christmas as before


But until then, we know this is hard

We all have families too

This Christmas, our simple wish

Is a Merry Christmas for you