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Local restaurant pays kindness forward

March 16, 2021

Meet Morgan Rankin! On February 24th, Morgan and her family stopped in at East Side Mario's Red Deer for some lunch. February 24th was Pink Shirt Day, a day that puts a spotlight on kindness and anti-bullying. Here's what happened while they were there:

"My family and I are travelling back from Banff today and we decided to stop in Red Deer for lunch at East Side Mario's. The service and food were great and the whole family was happy. 

At the end of our meal, the General Manager came to our table and thanked us for being kind to our server, "because not everyone is". Rather than our bill, she presented us with a piece of paper stating that in honour of Anti-bullying day, they wanted to comp our meal. In return, they suggested that we pay the kindness forward.

We were so moved by this gesture that we drove straight to the Red Deer Food Bank and made a $100 monetary donation, crediting the donation back to the restaurant's initiative."

Kindness is something we could all use more of. Kudos to you @esmreddeer and Morgan! #BuildingCommunityInRedDeer

Local restaurant pays kindness forward - post