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170 mph in a McLaren? Bucket List Wish Fulfilled!

May 29, 2023

In early January 2023, Dave Robertson was delivered some devastating news - a cancer diagnosis, hence a bucket list that included driving a McLaren at top speed, of course without penalty.

Earlier this month, right here in the heart of Central Alberta, one of Dave’s wishes came true thanks to communities who #GoBigtoGiveBig.

With a recent prognosis that was not in Dave’s favour, his sister began contacting people she thought might help make his final wishes come true. Fortunately she connected with #GoBigToGiveBig, a group of connected and capable individuals who aren’t shy about reaching out to make wishes like Dave Robertson’s a reality.

David Mothus from Prince George is one of those individuals who is helping to fulfill a Red Deer man’s bucket list wish. From Prince George to Red Deer to Kelowna, and points in between, people were willing to help. The word got out and an incredible philanthropist named Brent Marshall agreed to drive his McLaren AND his Lucra from Kelowna to a man in Red Deer he had never met.  

On Tuesday, May 16, Dave Robertson got behind the wheel and drove a McLaren race car at over 170 mph! His partner, their family and close friends were there to see the smiles and the tears. Also helping out were Red Deer County Mayor Jim Wood, and Red Deer Mayor Ken Johnston.

“It was one of the most precious and gratifying events where communities can truly collaborate to help a family who wants to say goodbye, and to honour the life of a loved one,” said Mayor Ken Johnston. “I can’t tell you how deeply that touched me and how gratifying it was to be able to actually help put so many smiles, and so much enthusiasm into this gentleman and his family, it was truly a pleasure and honour to be there.”

Dave started dating his sister’s lifelong friend Elyse eight years ago, and they have four children in their combined family, Lilly (18) Lexus (17) Brodi (13) and Seth (18). Dave is an active, funny, hardworking amazing man, a journeyman welder for the better part of 20 years and is a loving dad and partner.

He has more on his bucket list and, unfortunately, not a lot of time but maybe this story will lead Dave to another wish come true. He has three, very diverse heroes, and he would love to have a phone call from at least one of them before his time is up. So, Matthew McConaughey, Elon Musk, or Snoop Dogg if you see this, PLEASE call Dave, and make his wish true!!

If people feel inclined, they can help by sharing this story (maybe, just maybe, one of his heroes will get word) or you can help the family directly at