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Red Deerians display their support for health care

October 22, 2021

Showing love for our health care workers is the new wave a couple of Red Deerians are hoping to start.

Danielle Hyfte and Mandy Wright encourage all Red Deerians to hang or wear white ribbons and decorate their window as a show of appreciation for health care workers. They want to show that Red Deer has their backs wholeheartedly.

For nearly 20 months, health care workers across the country have been under immeasurable stress from the challenges of a global pandemic. Back in March of 2020, they were receiving daily displays of appreciation and admiration that were a great source of motivation. The large public displays of gratitude have slowed, but the care and compassion to all those in need of medical attention has not.

Danielle and Mandy also created a Facebook group, “Community love for our Red Deer Healthcare Workers”. The group was created for two reasons; the first as a place for healthcare workers to share their stories, the second for our community to share their love.  Danielle’s friends and loved ones who work in the field have expressed how difficult it is to do their jobs right now as it feels like the world has turned against them. She said negativity has been so loud these past months; it has been hard for them to hear those who actually recognize the efforts and hard work they are putting in to save people affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Hanging a white ribbon on your front door, decorating your windows with words of encouragement, doing something nice for healthcare workers in your life or simply amplifying their voices on social media, those are some of the ways Danielle and Mandy are inviting fellow Red Deer residents make a difference. Let’s all show them our appreciation today! To learn more and get involved in this new wave of appreciation, visit Danielle and Mandy’s Facebook page.